Sunday, 10 June 2018

Get Online Notification App

Hi, friends today in this app we have to see that how to know that any specified person came online in whats messenger. Please share this post with all your friends.

This tracker app is very useful for all parents to track their student's activities in online. By this app, parents will know their children online timing. This app allows the monitor whats app usage of your friends, family member, and get the instant notification when they came online, even them hiding the last seen also.

This app also tracks if he or she changes the profile picture or their status message also. So from all side, this app is very useful for all aged peoples.

After installing this app get instant notification from any number. Only the register number and start to get track the required number.

Main features
- Who online in whats app contacts
- It allows instant notification in your whats app
- Track all activity of contacts in whats app
- 7/24 free working app
- Add a new number to get a notification in a few seconds.

How it works;
1. First, download the app from the above link
2. Install the app on your mobile
3. Open the app and insert the number want to get notified.
4. From that second you will get notification from that number activity status.