Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Gesture Lock Screen App for Mobile

Hi, friends today in this post we have to see how to unlock mobile with gestures. Please share this post with all your friends.

Normally all peoples are unlocked their mobile with any pin or their personal words. Some peoples use some pattern lock to unlock their mobile. In this post, e can see how to unlock mobile with any types of gesture or your signature with the best method. This method is very useful for all peoples while they try to unlock their mobiles in public places. Let's see now.

This is the Gesture Lock Screen app lock. Lock for those who open their gesture silence preferred applications or them closing the boring password or any reason and for all those who want a certain creative application to close another gesture simply move with a finger on your mobile screen and write the letters or words are invisible. The Gesture Lock screen app adjusts each time the signature is created and stored in the lock screen with. You can draw and record each item as the symbol of the star.


- Snaps a photo of an intruder who entered wrong gestures.

- Send intruder alert and photo to your email.

- Show intruder notification on unlock.

- Shoe date and time on intruder attempts.