Friday, 7 December 2018

Internet Guard App for Mobile

Hi, friends today in this post we have to see that how to stop any apps functions when the internet is present in mobile. Please share this post with all your friends.

Normally all peoples are not like to give their mobile to any other persons. Their mobile is self-phone. In that mobile many personal pieces of information are available. Some children are using mobile when they are eating time. In that time how to stop the apps function even when the internet is available time. This post is very useful for all peoples especially for parents and all lovers.

This is the Internet Guard app. It allowed or denied access to your mobile data or wifi. It reduces the data usage and saves your battery. It increases your privacy and takes control of your mobile apps. This app easily allows or block the required app that installed in mobile. When using this app the internet is present and when you stop the app's functions in this app then the required app does not work.

- Multiple device users supported.
- Actively developed and supported.
- Get full data usage visibility.
- Disable background activity for selected apps.