Tuesday, 11 June 2019

App Tiles App for Mobile

Hi, friends today in this post we have to see how to add app shortcuts in the notification bar. Please share this post to all your friends.

Normally all peoples are using several apps on mobile daily. Among them, the most using apps are WhatsApp, facebook like this. When they using this particular app they need to search the app in their mobile drawer. In mobile, there are so many apps present. From that, it is difficult to find a particular app for urgent use. For that, a simple method is helping you to find the most using app to keep in the mobile notification bar. Let's see how it works.

This app is called App tiles and it is very useful for optimizing app launching speed. You can add up to six app shortcuts for apps in your quick usage toggles area on the notification bar. Just pick your apps, drag the tiles to the top of the list and they are ready to launch. You can select them in every app and st any time you need. This app allows you to add shortcuts to the notification area. It supports more than five apps to keep in that area.

- Perform quick select to launch any app.
- Fast reply to favourite apps.
- Create notification with custom fields.
- Best app for attractive.